This company is one of the largest manufacturers of rheological additives in China, established in 1984, which has surpassed its competitors as far as quality is concerned and has the largest share of the market in Europe, Americas and Asia. Products of this company include Bentonite-based rheological additives (Organoclay), descaling, anti-dripping and thickening agents used in order to improve the properties of paint and coating, construction material and grease etc. These products are available in the following grades.


BP-183,    BP-183I,    BP-183K,    BP-183L,    BP-183A8,    BP-183A9,    BP-183X


These are used in order to improve the rheological characteristics of solvent-based systems and each of these grades depending on the type of the solvent (polar/non-polar) or solvent-free system and also various types of resins (alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, nitrocellulose, acrylic and etc.) have a different use.




This product is used to improve the rheological characteristics of water-based systems including anti-dripping and antiscaling alongside other thickeners such as cellulose thickeners and compliments the characteristics of the latter. Furthermore, considering the reasonable pricing of this product and since it can reduce the amount of other thickeners required it would highly economical.




Decolorizing activated clay (Bleaching Agent) used to purify and decolorize various types of oil, wax and paraffin